First and foremost, we believe Foundation is a church for anyone and everyone!  

You do not need to agree with our beliefs in order to be a part of our church...having said this, below are our core beliefs:

We Believe in God

We believe God created everything, loves all of creation and longs to see everyone redeemed and restored through the person of Jesus Christ.

We Believe in Jesus

We believe that Jesus is God's one and only son, sent to Earth to show humanity a better way.
We believe he lived, died and rose again as a payment for sin and the first fruits for all who would place their lives in his care.

We Believe in the Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit empowers, directs and inspires the people of God.  

It is by the Spirit's guidance that the Church truly becomes the body of Christ!

We Believe in the Church

We believe the church is God's chosen vehicle for sharing love and good news to all of creation!

We Believe in the Bible

We believe the Bible is God's inspired word, given to humanity for our benefit.

We believe scripture is authoritative and informs our lives with both wisdom and truth.