Thank You

Because of you, we get to reach more people for Jesus.

We just wanted to thank you for stopping by our website and checking out our giving page! Because of you, and others like you, we are blessed with the opportunity to reach more people for Jesus. Below you will see different ways that you can contribute financially to the mission and ministry of Foundation Church! 


Making a Difference

At Foundation we embrace "sacrificial giving". What this means is we encourage those who give, to do so in a way that is sacrificial for them. The hope is that through your giving you allow God the opportunity to grow and strengthen your faith.


Have a cell phone? Of course you do! You now have the ability to download the app and give.


Giving over the computer has never been easier! Click the button above to set up a recurring tithe.

In Church

Visit our church and meet dozens of new friends, all of whom are sold on Making a Difference with their giving!