If you've ever wondered "Why do Christians believe this..." or "What does it matter what I believe about God?" then this is the series for you! We'll be looking at several key beliefs heald by Christians and talking about why they matter. Join us this week!

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Holy Spirit

March 31st

 Jesus instructed his followers to wait in Jerusalem for power from God to come upon them. While these first disciples were uncertain and unsure what they meant, they were faithful and waited. When the Holy Spirit arrived they indeed received power! This power is still available for those who follow Jesus to this day and in fact we believe the Holy Spirit is the one who inspires, empowers and guides the whole of Christianity. Join us this coming Sunday and learn more about the 3rd person of the Trinity, God's Holy Spirit.

The Good News

At Foundation Church we infuse the Good News (God loves you and longs to give you life and life abundantly) into each and every message.  We also try to add a bit of laughter, practical advice, encouragement and inspiration to each and every service!

"Thanks for checking out our media page.  Listen to just a part of one message or stay and listen to a few! Each message includes the scripture reading used, as well as the audio of any video clips used in the service. My hope is that you'll find the messages inspiring, encouraging and hopefully you'll join us this coming Sunday to participate in person!"