Are looking to excape the chaos and bring some meaning back to your Christmas? Then this is the series for you! For the next three weeks we'll be looking at simple, practical and easy to apply steps to take back Christmas!

Sunday's Message

Spend Less


Give More

Sunday, December 9th

 While it may seem like a contradiction to "Spend Less" and also "Give More", not only is it possible, it can be fun! Join us this Sunday as we explore the many ways we can give to those we love in ways that will truly be meaningful and in so doing truly embody the spirit of the season!

Love All

Sunday, December 16th

 It should be obvious and go without saying, but sadly our world is a borken and hurting place. Join us on December 16th and hear how Jesus' arrival, God's great gift of His son, has and should forever change how we treat one another.

Worship Fully

Sunday, December 23rd

 Join us on December 23rd for our first ever Children's Christmas Pageant and through their telling of the Christmas story learn how and why we are to worship God fully!

The Good News

At Foundation Church we infuse the Good News (God loves you and longs to give you life and life abundantly) into each and every message.  We also try to add a bit of laughter, practical advice, encouragement and inspiration to each and every service!

"Thanks for checking out our media page.  Listen to just a part of one message or stay and listen to a few! Each message includes the scripture reading used, as well as the audio of any video clips used in the service. My hope is that you'll find the messages inspiring, encouraging and hopefully you'll join us this coming Sunday to participate in person!"