About Us

The purpose behind the people.

At Foundation Church we are driven by a simple, yet powerful vision to Build Community, Make a Difference and help people Reclaim their Faith! Everything we do is centered around these three goals and we've found them to provide purpose and inspiration for all who join us.







Who We Are

We are looking to make a difference

We believe that Jesus came into this world to change the world and he invited all of humanity to join him in that task. Therefore we take seriously the opportunities we have to both show people God's love with our actions as well as tell them about it with our words. Join us this week as we continue striving to Make a Difference!

Mission & Vision

People. Purpose. Promise.

We believe we are called to build community with and for people.

We also believe our purpose is to make a difference in this world. Finally we are convinced that God's promise is available to those with faith as well as those who need to reclaim their faith!

Our Leaders 

Meet our awesome team!

We are blessed to have some amazing leaders here at Foundation Church. Below you will find a picture and a bio for some of our key leaders. Take a moment to click through and learn more about who they are, why they do what they do, and more importantly what their favorite color is! All kidding aside, our church is led by a dedicated group of Christ followers who are excited to connect with you!




Service Times

We are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday

Our services are all on Sunday morning, with each location having one primary service. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

  • Vestal 10:30am 
  • Oxford 11:00am