Past Messages

Parenthood (5/12/19)

Exodus 18:13-23

Parenting is tough work, yet many feel as though they have to do it all on their own! Learn from Moses (and his father-in-law Jethro) that delegation is a blessing.

Childhood (5/19/19)

Ruth 1:15-18

Being a child is complicated. Listen to this message and learn how to honor what's good and not let the complicated weigh you down.

Relationships (5/26/19)

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Loving is never easy, but it's what all of us are called to do. Listen and learn how best to go about loving all the people in your life!

Taboo (4/28/19)

Song of Solomon 4:1-7

Far from taboo, sex is a very good creation given to us by God!

Liberating (5/5/19)

1 Corinthians 6:12-20 

The world may want you to belief sex can be "safe" but the truth is that it is very costly.

Belief (3/10/19)

John 20:24-29

Belief doesn't mean 100% certainty, but rather choosing to trust.

God (3/17/19)

Exodus 3:13-14

Almighty and powerful, yet intimate and close, God cares and is mighty to save!

Jesus (3/24/19)

1 Timothy 2:5-6

Fully God and fully human, Jesus stands as the bridge between us and God.

Holy Spirit (3/31/19)

Acts 2:1-4

Never mean to go it alone, God has given us the Holy Spirit who brings us POWER!

The Church (4/7/19)

1 Peter 2:4-10

More than one group of people here or there, but all who follow Jesus, everywhere.

Resurrection (4/21/19 - Easter Sunday)

John 20:11-18

Resurrection is a game changer! Death is not the end and life is not all about us.

Spend Less (12/2/18)

Matthew 6:19-24

It's not about money or spending, but the true reason for the season...Jesus!

Give More (12/9/18)

John 3:16-17

Spending less money, time and energy on stuff, allows us to give more to people!

Love All (12/16/18)

Matthew 22:34-40

According to Jesus the single most important law was to LOVE 

Spread the News (12/24/18 - Christmas Eve)

Luke 2:1-20

Jesus' birth changed the world. It was heralded by angels, witnessed by shepherds and celebrated by all! Join us as we share this Good News with the world!

Build Community (9/9/18)

Hebrews 10:19-25

Acknowledging that community can be created anywhere, even in the middle of the Vestal Parkway, we named Foundation Church as one of the best places to build community, because it's community built with God at the center. 

Make a Difference (9/16/18)

Matthew 5:13-16

Community is important, but if it just exists for itself, it's not doing anyone much good. Foundation Church not only exists to gather people together, but also to make a difference in our world!

Reclaim Faith (9/23/18)

John 10:1-11

Too many have had their faith begin, only to have it damaged and derailed by life, tragedy or even other Christians. We are convinced that part of our purpose is to offer these people truly good news and help them to reclaim their faith! 

Titanic Love (7/1/18)

John 3:16

Using the movie Titanic and one of the primary scriptures talking about God's love (John 3:16), we discuss the titanic love God has for each and every person, as well as challenge ourselves to share that love with the world! Listen today and be blessed.

Your Life is Forever God's (7/15/18)

Jeremiah 29:11

While watching a movie like Forrest Gump, where the main character seems incredibly lucky or insanely blessed, it's easy to forget just how blessed we are as well. Listen to this message and be reminded that your life is forever God's and He longs to bless you!

Jesus People (7/22/18)

James 2:18

A movie like Jurassic Park can seem terrifying, especially when the dinosaurs are roaring, but it also reminds us that often before the beast appears, there's a warning sign. This message not only points out this truth, but invites each of us to look at our own actions as a sign of our faith.

The Greatest Mission (7/22/18)

Matthew 28:19

Saving Private Ryan recounts an incredible mission to save just one man. This message uses that story to remind each of us that Jesus gave his followers a similarly incredible mission designed to save the entire world! Listen and be inspired to take on this greatest mission for yourself.

Persistent Prayer (6/3/18)

Luke 18:1-8

Prayer is like running a marathon! No really, the two have more in common than you think. For instance, neither is meant to be undertaken without training and both require persistence. To learn more, check out this week's message.

Getting Stronger (6/10/18)

Joshua 1:7-8

Reading your bible is like lifting weights! For real...the real heavy lifting take patience and effort over time. In other words, you need to work your way up to the big weights. Learn more by listening to the below message!

Going All In (6/17/18)

Matthew 25:31-40

Stop me if you've heard this as a Christian is like're either all in or your not in at all! As followers of Jesus we are called to live a certain way and it's an all or nothing proposition. Listen and learn more!

Resting in God (6/24/18)

Exodus 14:10-14

Any good training program includes times of rest & recovery and the same is true for spiritual training. There are times when we need to rest, be still and allow God to work on our behalf. Hear how God wants to do this for you.

Lost & Found (5/27/18)

Luke 15:1-7

Listen to this special message designed to encourage and inspire each one of us who have someone in our lives for whom our heart breaks. This message is intended for anyone who has someone in their life who they want to grow closer to Jesus.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (4/15/18)

Romans 5:1-8

If you've ever heard this saying, it's likely someone was trying to inspire you to action, using God's assistance as a part of the motivation. The truth is though that God helps us long before we begin to act, or even know we need help!

God Won't Give you More than You Can Handle (4/22/18)

2 Corinthians 12:7b-10

While not entirely false, this fake news saying places the emphasis on us, when the truth is it's all about God. It's not that life won't overwhelm us at times, but when we are overwhelmed, God is there to take what we can no longer carry!

God Works in Mysterious Ways (4/29/18)

Romans 11:33-36

While we might not know exactly how or why God does what He does, it's not true that God's activity is mysterious. God ALWAYS works toward the good of those who place their trust in Him.

Beyond Blessed (4/8/18)

Deuteronomy 28:1-8, 12

Listen to this message from our 1 year anniversary celebration and learn how to move from being blessed to being Beyond Blessed!

Revolutionary King (2/18/18)

Mark 11:1-11

Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king, but a king like none ever before! Listen to this first message of the series "The Last Week" and follow along with us as we explore Jesus final week on earth.

Flipping Tables (2/25/18)

Mark 11:12-19

Think Jesus never got angry? Perhaps you even believe it's wrong to get angry and show it? Well think again! Join us for the second part of this series and hear about Jesus' anger and why it's ok to sometimes get angry.

Death & Taxes (3/4/18)

Mark 12:13-17

Some things in life are certain, while others aren't necessarily promised. Listen along as we learn about those who would trap Jesus and his challenging response that invites us all to re-evaluate our priorities.

The Scandal of Grace (3/11/18)

Mark 14:1-11

On this fourth day of Jesus' final week, we encounter a woman who perfectly illustrates the scandal that is the good news of the gospel. Listen to this message and learn about God's scandalous love for you!

The Last Supper (3/18/18)

Mark 14:12-26

Meals are often central in our lives. This was true for Jesus and his disciples as well, but this meal was special, as it was the final meal they would share together. Join us as we learn more about that last supper.

The Cross (3/25/18)

Mark 15:22-38

The Cross. It stands as the culmination of Jesus' life and teaching and God's powerful means of redemtion. Listen to the conclusion of this series and learn just how much God loves all of us!

More Than Meets the Eye (2/4/18)

1 Corinthians 12:1,4-11

Do you believe you are more than just your outward appearance? Are you convinced that you have gifts, talents and abilities that can't be easily summed up? Do you just love the cartoon Transformers? Then this is the message for you! 

By Your Powers Combined (2/11/18)

Ephesians 4:7,11-16

God has given each and every one of us gifts, but what do we do once we discover them? Listen to this message as we take a cue from the 90's cartoon Captain Planet and remember that together we can do so much more!

YET (1/7/18)

Romans 8:25

It's easy to complain, to grumble and to point out what we don't have. But faith believes that God wants good for those who follow Him and therefore proclaims a profound "yet" in the face of what we're lacking. Listen and learn more!

FOR (1/14/18)

John 3:16

God loves all. All people, all of creation, literally everything and everyone! But that little word "for" doesn't simply identify who, but also how.  Listen and find out more about God's "for" in your life!

AND (1/21/18)

Galatians 3:28

As people we are really good at "or". You're either with me OR you're against me! It's my way OR the highway! Yet Jesus has this amazing way of taking all of our "ORs" and turning them into one big "AND". Listen and find out how!

WITH (1/28/18)

Psalm 23:4

Sometimes the circumstances of life matter less than who we're going through life with. This is most true when we're going through life with Jesus by our side. Take a listen and learn why!

The Wonder of a Star (12/3/17)

Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11

While the world tends to be a busy and chaotic place, God gives us signs all the time.  In order for those signs to really impact our lives, we need to recognize them and then follow the calling they provide.

The Wonder of a Name (12/10/17)

Matthew 1:18-21

What's in a name anyway? This message looks at the meaning of the name "Jesus" and illustrates how even his name was a sign of who he was and what he was going to do!

The Wonder of the Manger (12/17/17)

Luke 2:1-7

If you feel ike your life is a mess and if people found out it would cause them to run, you're not alone.  The wonder of the manger is that Jesus chose the mess, your mess and loves you anyway!

The Wonder of a Promise (12/24/17)

Isaiah 7:5-7, 13a

God's promised long ago to be with us always and Jesus is the fulfillment of that promise!  Listen as we explore the origins of this promise and what that practically means for our lives today.

Party Time (12/24/17 - Christmas Eve)

Luke 2:7-20

2,000 years ago a group of shepherds were given wonderful news.  This good news inspired them to drop everything, see for themselves and share what they found with everyone. 

Christmas Continued... (12/31/17)

Luke 2:22-33

Have you ever felt excluded, unloved and unwanted?  Too often life has a way of making all of us feel like that, and yet Jesus' birth is God saying "no more" to exclusion and alienation.  

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ​​​​​​​(11/5/17)

John 4:21-24

Have you ever wondered if there's a right way to worship? What did Jesus say about the subject? Well wonder no more, but instead listen to this message and find out!

Just Give me a Minute ​​​​​​​(11/12/17)

Luke 5:12-16

Life can be busy, chaotic and even overwhelming! Jesus was no stranger to needing a minute and we can learn from his example. Listen and be encouraged to take a minute or two.

Give it your All ​​​​​​​(11/19/17)

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Why should I give? If you've ever asked this, then this message is for you. Far from another "give until it hurts" plea, this message challenges each of us to give because God gave first. 

Do it for the Right Reasons ​​​​​​​(11/26/17)

Luke 18:9-14

Do you want your faith to really grow? If you answered "yes" then listen to this message to be challenged, inspired and encouraged to truly jumpstart your faith life!

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