At Foundation we are driven by a simple yet powerful vision,"Build Community. Make a Difference. Reclaim Faith."

We'd like to explain that vision in the following three sections.

Build Community.

When we talk about "community" we mean real, genuine community where people know and care for and about one another.  We think this is the kind of community that Jesus established with those who followed him and the type of community he called all of his followers to strive for.  It's a place where you can be loved, looked after and of course stretched and grown.  Most importantly, we believe this community is open to anyone and everyone!

Make a Difference.

We are pretty sure that just gathering people together and not sending them out into the world is pretty short-sighted and perhaps even selfish. For this reason we believe that part of "building community" is sending people out into the world in order to make a difference.  At Foundation you'll have the opportunity to make a difference in the community and the world each and every month!

Reclaim Faith.

As we build this community, we continually have people join us, who for one reason or another, have given up on faith and church! On many of these ocassions, these same people find Foundation Church to be unlike any other church. They feel welcomed, they hear good news that's really good and they feel like they are a part of something amazing. We are glad to be a part of helping so many reclaim their faith and would be honored to do the same for you.


While a new church, Foundation still has quite the story.  Below we've listed a few of the highlights...so far! 


What began as a gentle whisper, a still small voice, turned into a raging whirlwind, as lead planters John & Crystal Martin heard God's call to plant.  Having spent nearly 16 years in traditional pastoral ministry, John & Crystal were faithful to God's call.  They moved (along with their 3 children) from Lake Placid, NY to Vestal, NY in order to bring life to what was a call to something new!


Starting a church is not for the faint of heart, nor is it a task to be undertaken alone.  Along with a team of 30 people inspired by the vision to build community, make a difference and help people reclaim their faith, Foundation Church was launched on April 2nd, 2017! Weekly worship was held in those early days on Mirador Drive (behind the Vestal High School) and a church began to grow.


Nearly 1.5 years into it's life, Foundation Church was given a new home right on the Vestal Pkwy! The congregation continues to grow and more people than ever are taking part in building community, making a difference and helping others reclaim their faith. While the future is uncertain, it's clear that ours is a bright one and we'd like you to join us and become a part of the story.


"Welcome to Foundation Church! As you're checking us out, please know that we appreciate your time and would love to hear from you. I would invite you to take a look at our ministries page where you can learn about what's happening in our community as well as get involved with our ministries yourself!


If you're considering an in person visit please don't stress about what to wear or if you need to know anything in particular. You don't need to know anything and our dress code is very relaxed. We want to make sure when you visit you are comfortable and welcome here.  


Again I would like to thank you for visiting our website and would encourage you to email, call or even visit us, as we love to connect with our new visitors. "